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Elsinore, California, USA
Jérôme Daoust ( E-mail )

The oak tree LZ is closed (2018/1/26)

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We are hoping for North-East (45 degree) winds and for the on-shore breeze to create a convergence at mid day. By order of interest:


Schools / Ecoles certified by PASA for paragliding and operating at this site.

Ordered alphabetically / Ordonné alphabétiquement:

Maps / Cartes

GPS coordinates / Coordonnées GPS

Description Latitude Longitude Altitude (ASL)
E launch N 33° 37.789' W 117° 22.287' 871 m (GPS*) 2857' (GPS*)
Edwards launch (closest to LZ) N 33° 38.307' W 117° 23.231' 850 m (GPS**) 2788' (GPS**)
LZ (relocated in October 2005, in litigation, DO NOT LAND THERE) N 33° 39.026' W 117° 22.602' 448 m (GPS**) 1469' (GPS**)
Marina LZ (as of 2008) N 33° 39.960' W 117° 22.620' 380 m (GPS**) 1246' (GPS**)
Everyday Mike's LZ (as of 2008) N 33° 37.980' W 117° 20.700' 412 m (GPS**) 1351' (GPS**)
* GPS = Bräuniger / Competino, using WGS84. WGS84 (World Geodetic System 1984) is the Standard Geodetic Datum & the common reference datum used for civilian aviation world wide. More info: Mean Sea Level, GPS, and the Geoid.
** Google Earth.
*** Reported GPS altitude, to be verified.

For a great way to explore this flying site in 3D, see Google Earth's Local points of interest in the Maps section.

Insurance / Assurances

Lodging / Hébergement


Pictures I took (click thumbnail to open full size image in a new window)
Photos que j'ai prises (clique la petite image pour ouvrir la photo pleine grandeur dans une nouvelle fenêtre)
2006/7/1 At 8000' and looking down at launch, and the LZ.
A 8000' et regardant en bas au décollage et l'atterrissage.
2006/7/1 At 8000' at looking at the Pacific ocean.
A 8000' and regardant vers l'océan Pacifique.
2006/7/1 At 8000' and looking North at Santiago Peak (6k).
A 8000' et regardant Santiago Peak (6k) au Nord .
2006/7/1 Going XC to the East and looking back at Elsinore from Quail Valley.
En vol voyage vers l'Est et regardant Elsinore derrière depuis Quail Valley.

Pictures/Images from others (click thumbnail to open full size image in a new window)
Photos/Images des autres (clique la petite image pour ouvrir la photo pleine grandeur dans une nouvelle fenêtre)
80 kB 1999/12/19 Picture by an E teamer, taken from 17999'.
Photo par un membre du E team, prise depuis 17999'.
966 kB 2002/2 360° panorama of "Edwards" launch. QuickTime required. Click and drag the left mouse button to change the view. Thanks to Thermal Dynamics.
Panorama 360° du décollage "Edwards". QuickTime requis. Clique et traîne le bouton gauche de la souris pour changer le point de vue. Merci à Thermal Dynamics.
435 kB 2004/5/2 Over the E launch. Picture by Bob Barry.
Au dessus du décollage E. Photo par Bob Barry.
444 kB 2004/5/2 The LZ is in the bottom of the picture. Picture by Bob Barry.
L'atterrissage est au bas de la photo. Photo par Bob Barry.
380 kB 2004/5/2 The LZ from the lake. Picture by Bob Barry.
La zone d'atterrissage depuis le lac. Photo par Bob Barry.

Video or Animation / Vidéo ou Animation

Cross Country / Vol Voyage

Before you go, know your airspace. For Google Earth: California 3D overlay for classes B/C/D and restricted military airspace.

Hazards / Dangers