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Radar detector

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by Jérôme Daoust.  Revised 2010/5/25

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Because it sucks wishing you had one after you got a ticket. There's the ticket cost, the points (or traffic school and I even enjoyed 2nd level traffic school that doubles the duration), but even worse is the bitterness that lasts a few weeks.



You are OK on your motorcycle unless in: Virginia, Washington D.C., U.S. military bases (source: Wikipedia).



Quote from: RRichie09 on Today at 02:55 AM

Radar detectors are something you want to actually spend the money on.  Otherwise it’s worthless because you won't trust it.

Those three are the ones you probably want.

The review is a bit outdated (a more recent one), but the concept of spending the money to get a high-end model remains true.

For a list of available product, one can look at products available through, knowing that the V1 (Valentine One) sells direct only.


Escort / 9500ix

When choosing one for my Electrified tank bag, I went with the Escort 9500ix. It has built-in GPS, so the 3rd time it goes off at a same place as before, it will not bother you again having registered it as a known false alert. But if you ride through there again and it does not detect the same frequency it restores it as an alert. Smart stuff. You can also set the range to be automatic, so you are not bothered when going slow (like in a parking lot next to businesses) thanks to the GPS establishing your speed. I also like that it warns me of upcoming red light cameras. I'm subscribed to a 3 year download plan and every 2 weeks get the latest database updates of know speed traps and red light cameras. The one bad thing is that it is not weatherproof, so take it off if it rains of protect it.

I added an auxiliary speaker from Escort, allowing me to clearly hear the warnings at freeway speeds (and above). Avoids dealing with helmet speakers or visual alarm. Only downside is others hear it too, but not a legal issue.


Escort / Solo S2 Cordless

I had a first generation model (just "Solo") and was stopped once by an officer that added "your detector doesn't seem to be too good". Talking to the manufacturer sometime after this, they said their cordless detector was not as sensitive as their best corded unit, so I have been avoiding them since. Maybe this is no longer true: To be confirmed.


V1 (Valentine One)

I had a V1 in my Z06 (Corvette) and it was pretty good and enjoyed knowing if it was in front or behind me. Combined with some judgment (the little I have) it allowed me to be ticket-free during ownership.


Adaptiv / TPX

Because of people I do not want to quote, I avoided the TPX due to performance, but in the future that may change and I like that it is weather proof. Watch for future impartial comparison tests against the leading automotive models (V1 and 9500ix).


Radar jammer

Quote from: RRichie09 on Today at 02:55 AM

Also, laser jammers are probably FAR more useful nowadays.

Unlike detectors, Jammers are federally prohibited in the United States.  Makes sense, because you are now an illegal broadcaster, actively "polluting" the airwaves, in comparison to a detector that is mostly a passive/receptive device.


Detecting your radar detector

Quote from: itsdchlorine on Today at 01:35 AM

The biggest concern was that the radar itself leaks a large amount of frequencies (not VG4 immune) making whoever the user is, easier to spot with a radar detector detector.

I had a problem of that nature in Québec/Canada (circa 1991), with an officer stopping me and asking to surrender my detector that he detected. He added that they would strip-search my vehicle until they find it because he was sure. He was cool and even showed me his detector-detector in his car. But here (California) it is a non-issue if your unit is detectable or not because it is legal to use. This past Saturday I left mine blaring away as I slowly passed an officer that just gave me the "I know what you have" look.



If you totally rely on your detector to avoid tickets and speed most of the time, you will get a ticket. Detectors will not help against an officer pacing you or instant-on checks. But after using one for a while, you will realize how vulnerable you were without one, by detecting traps you would not have noticed otherwise.


I wish you many ticket-free rides,



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Get an Escort 9500ix.