Marshall, California, USA
Directions to Andy Jackson Airpark
Jérôme Daoust ( E-mail )

Final destination:

Step by step...

Find your way to the 215, to the North of San Bernardino.

From the 215, exit onto University Pkwy and go North.

Turn left onto Northpark Blvd.
Go past 2 stop signs (you crest a levee on the 2nd). Continue only 215 yards (0.12 mile) after the 2nd stop sign, and turn right onto the 1st dirt road which is indicated as Badger Canyon Rd (see pictures below).
Follow the dirt road for 0.26 mile, then make a left at the fork onto Ben Canyon Rd and do another 0.21 mile.

Below is the start of the 1st the dirt road (Badger Canyon Rd) and small signs, where you turn right onto.

Below is the sign as you arrive (turn right before it) to the parking.