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September 29, 2017: Marshall à Soboba

Flight by Jérôme Daoust.

The flight I wanted to do for a long time...


The forecast was for an early afternoon switch at Marshall, but when I arrived on launch, wind was already straight in, but 10-20 mph.

For a moment I thought: Too windy, maybe better just to wait for late afternoon for a simpler flight.

But then I snapped out of it, and started opening up my "low B" wing.

Launched in a lull and still got a vertical takeoff.

Departed Marshall around 5500' towards Arrowhead, without losing much.

At Arrowhead, got to about 6500' and started towards McKinley.

Found nothing of value at McKinley so continued to Harrison.

Scrappy lift at Harrison, but hung around for better and finally climbed to over 7k, then aimed for hangar 24.

Got back up to 7k at Hangar 24, and figured "let's go a bit further".

Next good lift was over the black (previous fire?) hills, then glided towards Badlands.

To safely cross the Badlands, aimed towards some quarry in the middle where landing could be possible.

Found the best lift in the middle of the Badlands, up to near 8k.

Then turned downwind towards Soboba, following SW edge of badlands, maintaining about 60 km/h ground speed.

Last thermal at the NW end of the Soboba ridge, then glide in sink towards the Soboba LZ.

Not flyable at Soboba at that time, so surprised a few people there.

I could have landed at my house in San Jacinto (slightly easier) but connecting to another flying site seemed better.

Thanks to Bill who took me up to Marshall launch and to Cody who drove me back to Marshall from Soboba.


Overall image of flight path.

Animation on Doarama.

Details on Leonardo.


Pictures as I arrived East of Moreno Valley:

   Mystic Lake and Lake Perris.

   Over Badlands, looking SE towards Soboba.