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May 1, 2004 :  Crestline à Dam à Soboba à Anza

Flight by Andre Dreyer, edited by Jérôme Daoust.

Topographic maps with flight path :  Small , Large.

Well, not really a new PG record – Matthew Carter has that one, but it might be the furthest PG flight to the SE ?

Launched Crestline shortly after 1 pm trying to catch up with Jim Macklow, which was skied out over Pine. Got to 10k at the billboard and headed W to Pine for a possible jump into the high desert. Fairly strong North winds and VERY nasty turbulence, so moved away from the ridge and worked the foothills E towards the dam. Easy going past the Indian reservation with Gavin taking the low fast line about 2k below me.

Low again at the dam where Gavin landed but I managed to pull off a low save over the flats on the way to Crafton Hills. The low save turned on which put me at 10k over Yucaipa (The Dam and West) in the convergence. Worked between 6k and 9k following the clearly marked convergence line running due S towards Hemet. Topped up just past the 10 Fwy and W of Beaumont (Banning Pass) for the jump over the badlands (Badlands and looking back , Towards Soboba). Still nice and high at Soboba but I was outrunning the convergence as I tried to stay over the Soboba ridge. NE winds were pushing me towards the convergence line again. Now over Hemet with 6k going S following State St. Down to 4 at the new reservoir (Low at San Jacinto reservoir), but a dust devil marked the lift and put me back up to 8.5k (High after San Jacinto reservoir). Have never been in this area S of Hemet before, but State St. was stretched out downwind towards Anza. Gavin and the crew were struggling to keep up as I was making good distance away from Crestline doing 40 mph. The day was getting weak and I clung to bubbles of lift drifting and enjoying the scenery (On final to Anza). Landed at 6pm just off Hwy 371 8 miles SW of Anza. 59 Miles / 5 Hours.

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