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Geographical residence focus.  Optimized for residents of Orange County, California, USA.  But not a requirement.
Why so focused ?  To enable pilots from a similar residential area to carpool to events or meet without traveling great distances.  A city scale is too small (just a few pilots), but a county size provides a sufficient base (10+ members).  This does not prevent pilots from outside the region to join or participate in events.


Fly at multiple sites.  Flying new sites brings us back to the pure pleasure of flying.  Both site-specific (dedicated to site preservation) and let's-go-fly-many-sites clubs (like this one) have a reason to exist.


Scheduled events.  Plan and organize day trips, weekend outings or a trip. Keep a current Schedule of events posted.  Some of us have jobs and/or a spouse and need to plan ahead.  To share efforts, each event will have a different organizer known as the Event Organizer.


Social Club.  Flying is fun, but flying with friends doubles the pleasure.  Friends are also good to have around if an accident happens (at the crash site or during recovery).  If you like flying movies/videos, why not announce a "video evening" at your house ?  We can also help each other when looking for good deals on new gear, or looking for advice.


Why join ?  Membership is FREE, and in return you get to be on the mailing list for news and events.



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Event Organizer :  All Members.

o   Coastal flying.

o   Boating-around-in-thermals flying.

o   Try-to-go-XC flying.

o   Mini-comp.  Honors system :  No GPS or pictures required.

o   Educational meetings.

o   Come-and-see-my-new-video night.

o   Pick a site, make sure it is open for flying (no Forest Service closure…).

o   Set a meeting time and place.  Get info added to the Schedule.

o   Keeping an eye on the forecast as the event nears and inform members if there is a change.


Coordinator / Motivator.  Promotes exchange of information.  Jérôme Daoust.


Webmaster.  Maintains the Schedule :   Jérôme Daoust.


Finance.  As light as possible.  The goal is to maintain free membership.  Each event will be a closed financial operation in itself (if there are any cost), headed by the Event Organizers.


Meetings.  Let's just use E-mail to communicate, and avoid formal-planned-boring meetings.


History. (Year/Month/Day) :



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·         Current P2 or H2 rating or better.

·         Your own flying gear.

·         Radio.

·         Cell phone (recommended).



 (send an E-mail to get your name added)

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1.       Andy Harrah - PG

2.       Arnold Frankenberger - PG

3.       Bob Barry - PG

4.       Bret Daniel - PG

5.       Chad Bastian - PG

6.       Chris Schragner - PG

7.       Chris Van Velden - HG

8.       Chris Wharton - PG

9.       Christian Massire - PG

10.   Darrel Wood - PG

11.   David Chong - PG

12.   Denis Barkats - PG

13.   Foster Winter - PG

14.   Glen Burrows - PG

15.   Henry Baker - PG

16.   Ivan Martinetti - PG

17.   James Bradley - PG

18.   Jeff Eggers - PG

19.   Jérôme Daoust - PG

20.   Jesse Muson - PG

21.   Joe De Briyn - PG

22.   Joe Popper - PG

23.   John Martineau - PG

24.   Jon Drindak - PG

25.   Jonas Buchli - PG

26.   Jonie Millhouse - PG

27.   Joseph De Briyn - PG

28.   Klaus Wunderlich - PG

29.   Len Szafaryn - PG + HG

30.   Mark Hoffmann - HG

31.   Mark Kranz - PG

32.   Mike Masterson - PG

33.   Mike Washlake - PG

34.   Mitch McAleer - PG + HG

35.   Peter Gyulai - PG

36.   Roman Pisar - PG

37.   Zach Hoisington - PG


E-mail (or other contact info) is not listed here to avoid being easy prey to SPAM tool, which capture addresses.  If you don't already have the E-mail address of one of the members from a previous Club E-mailing, just send me a request at my E-mail.


Procedure for adding a new member (webmaster's personal note):


To-Do List

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Event selection.  Decide how weekend outings (not just a local site) will be selected.  Being part of a similar system in the past, I noticed that there can be dissention in a group when more advanced pilots are searching for sites with strong conditions to fulfill their ambitions.  How to resolve this here ?  I'm thinking we should focus on what is fun for a new P3/H3 pilot.


Free membership.   Decide if we can start this with a membership cost of 0$, and avoid all financial issues for now.


Purpose.  Finalize the purpose of the association.  Stay focus on having fun.


Site super pass.  Do we want to provide a single club membership rate to access local club sites (Marshall, Elsinore, Torrey, Horse, Kagel, Soboba…).  Would it not make sense to pay something like 200 $ and have free access to any local site for a year ?  The association would take care of distributing the funds with local clubs.  This can help support sites which one would not think of becoming a member of.  A single waiver would be nice too.


New ideas.  Send in your topic by E-mail.



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Color scheme :

Flying event

Non-Flying event

Info on a few local sites




Meet at


Event Organizer











Bulletin Board

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Important messages (Latest on top. Send your important message by E-mail.)…