Learning to fly under USHPA's 2016 RRG

by Jérôme Daoust, version 2016/5/26



In 2016, USHPA (United States Hang gliding and Paragliding Association) has moved to a RRG (Risk Retention Group) to become self-insured: More information.

A positive change, as the association will no longer be at the mercy of external insurance companies.


But instructors can only continue to teach at an USHPA-insured flying site, if they are part of a school certified by PASA (Professional Air Sports Association).

Based on the school size, it will either be a SBFS (Small Business Flight School) or LBFS (Large…) with yearly dues based on volume of instruction.


Regardless of this new school certification process, choosing your instructor is more important than the school: More information.


Amusing fact: On 2016/5/26, this school was the 1st in the Unites States to complete its PASA certification among paragliding and hang gliding schools.


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