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2009 Honda CBR1000RR ABS: Maintenance: Engine oil: Level inspection

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by Jérôme Daoust.  Revised 2010/6/11

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From the manual: Oil level inspection:

Start the engine and let it idle for 3-5 minutes.

Stop the engine and wait 2-3 minutes.

Hold the motorcycle in an upright position.

Remove the dipstick and wipe the oil with a clean cloth.

Insert the dipstick without screwing it in, remove it and check the oil level.

If the oil level is below or near the lower level line on the dipstick, remove the oil filler cap and add the recommended engine oil to the upper level line through the oil filler hole.


Extra note:

When taking an oil level reading, use the average oil line (see image below) on the dipstick.


Amount of oil to fill from the lower to upper level line:

The HRC Kit Setup Manual (2008-9 CBR1000RR) says (source) 500 ml (0.528 US quart, or 16.9 US fluid ounce) is needed to raise the indicated level from the lower to the upper level line:

This is validated by my extrapolation of a 25% to 100% fill (between lower/upper levels) that took 375 ml è 500 ml between lower/upper level lines.


From the manual: Recommended engine oil:

Pro Honda GN4 4-stroke oil (USA and Canada) or equivalent motor oil.

API service classification: SG or Higher.

JASO T 903 standard MA.

Viscosity: SAE 10W-30. Other viscosities of oil may be used depending upon the average temperature in your riding area. Use the chart as a guide.


Conclusion (Top of Page)


Keep your oil level between the lower/upper levels and don't overfill.