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Foam grip installation

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by Jérôme Daoust.  Revised 2010/5/23

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To reduce the numbness in fingers on long rides.




I ordered online: BikeBandit: Johar Superbike Grip.


On 2010/5/5, the guy installing them did a great job (he wasn't cheap though), making it look easy, and I still have my original grips...


1.      Unscrewed end weights.

2.      Popped-off the original grips with the air compressor. Grips can be re-used later.

3.      Wiped-off old glue with Acetone, no damage and evaporates in 1-2 second.

4.      Clutch-side... Pushed in the long end cap by tapping end. No lubricant needed. Used air gun on hand-pinched grip end, then pushed it in easy on a cushion of air without other lubricant. Trimmed end cap.

5.      Throttle-side... Slid-on the stop washer then short end cap, no lubricant. Again pinched grip end with air gun and slip it on with pressurized cushion of air, no other lubricant. Trimmed both the end cap and the foam grip so no risk of friction with the end weight.

6.      Re-attached both end weights.


The pictures make you think the grips are grey instead of black but that's because of the flash reflecting on the foam cells. They are black.


Conclusion (Top of Page)


 They significantly reduce the numbness in fingers on long rides.